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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rhympinion III

Let’s apply FOIL to the oil turmoil and spoil those loyal to boiling the coiling toil

FIRST who was first to take terse action to initiate this weakness whackness no back infraction of ancestor, sister, brother, father, mother just the now and the who and the how

OUTER who outside the situation cause initiation for infiltration of nation not owned but prone to manipulation by corporations, independent states and conglomerations of political persuasion

INNER who in the bin of the actual condition of factual submission to cause or causes of pain and of gain for the pure endurers of furious fervor and fuehrers and cures in motion and notions for internal resolving solutions

LAST who has no past and attached fast last to the mismatch cast of the clashing masks of drivers and driven to deliver the grim givers for gifts of the future with the too sure demeanor of one who’s not one but plans to be ends for others to spend

Distribute the factors and rearrange actors and sit back to a truth that will never have proof


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