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Sunday, December 18, 2005


Los Angeles—“Four Years Running” has raced to the top of the Viral Comedy Videos with over 12,000 views in just four days. This is a testament to the skill of emerging filmmakers who are showing Hollywood what works in this dynamic new medium. The film has stormed up the iFilm charts and boasts more views than many mainstream movie trailers.

“Our budget was less than $500,” said writer/director Kent Nichols. “It’s cool that we can compete with the big boys and win on sites like iFilm.”

The success of “Four Years Running” proves that in the world of Internet films it pays to be outrageous. The film is about a woman who grew up on a semen farm.

“The topic may be a little gross, but it’s also very touching and sweet,” said Nichols, “I think that’s why it works, when you are creating content for the net you have to play by a different set of rules.”

Nichols is leveraging his expertise in Internet content creation to produce an original animated series called, “Kinzai Ninjas.” He feels independent producers have finally found a place where they have an advantage over more established players because they are only beholden to their audience.

“On the Internet there are no gatekeepers,” he said. “If people like your stuff they watch it, if the don’t, they won’t”.

Kent Nichols is the winner of the 2003 International 48 Film Project. In 2005 he co-founded Beatbox Giant Productions, LLC to produce “Kinzai Ninjas” an original animated series that will be distributed by a major Internet portal in 2006.


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