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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Kinzai Ninjas

Okay I told my friends about the series, but here's a detailed the detailed scoop on the show:

Four ninjas have left the dark path of the Japanese warrior to pursue their dreams and ambitions in Orange County, California.

Two years ago three disillusioned ninjas, Bob Smith, River Deep and Mason Madison, escaped from the International Order of Ninjas in Japan. They have set-up up new lives in Applewater Landing, a gated community in Orange County, California and are attempting to shed their deadly ways while pursuing their ambitions and dreams.

Their departure was of course frowned on by I.O.N. who have been trying to track them down and kill them ever since.

Just as Bob, Mason and River are beginning to relax into America, their new lives are disrupted by Kagi, the rambunctious daughter of the I.O.N. master. Kagi simultaneously saves their lives and throws them into chaos. Her arrival reminds the rogue assassins that no matter how far they run and how dramatically they change, deep down they are now and will always be… ninjas.

Each episode deals with the ninjas pursuing their dreams while fighting their deadly nature and dark past. The vanilla mundane of the suburbia is juxtaposed against intense, high-stakes world of Japanese assassins.

BOB SMITH: A mid-thirties ninja who simply wants the American dream (good job, good wife, good home, good etc.) He idealizes America and sees life through rose-colored glasses. Clark Griswald meets Steven Segal.

RIVER DEEP: A ninja/folk singer with something to say. He really believes that he could start a revolution if people would just listen. He gets laid a lot. Eddie Veder meets Steven Segal.

MASON MADISON: A young ninja with aspirations of being a clothing designer. Very hip, very derivative, always in search of the new black. Carson (queer eye) meets Steven Segal.

KAGI: A 13-year-old ninja with attitude. Ready to take on the world but totally ignorant of modern America. She is steeped in ancient wisdom. Wants the opposite American dream of Bob (Fame, fortune and power). Lindsey Lohan fucks Steven Segal.

OHKII KUDAMONO: The master and CEO of the International Order of Ninjas (I.O.N.) and Kagi’s father. Angry, controlling and full of hate toward anything non-Japanese. General Tojo meets Steven Segal.

TABAKO: The dedicated right hand of Ohkii Kudamono. Passionately pursues the rogue ninjas but mostly to find Mason. Humphry Bogart meets Steven Segal.

JENNIEFER: Bob’s enthusiastic fiancée. Super-duper nice and energetic. Loving, committed and really into making her relationship with Bob work. June Clever meets Katie Segal.

MANDY: Bob’s 8-year-old soon to be adopted daugther. Thinks Bob is a total dork, She is a good person at heart but is trying to be rebellious. Her catch phrase is, “You’re not my real dad.” Dakota Fanning (Cat in the Hat) meets Dakota Fanning (Hide ‘N Seek)…meets Steven Segal.

Kinzai means suburban in Japanese.

The show should be out for your consumption this Fall.


At 6:17 AM, Blogger CBR said...

Oh this is gonna be funny, can't wait to check it out... Good luck to you in your endevour.. When this fall are you expecting it to be out?

At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Abeus said...

Hum, interesting. I'm now finding out. Hum yes.

At 4:49 PM, Anonymous tmshu1 said...

Wow! Sounds great!

At 5:29 AM, Anonymous Paul Barber said...

superduper nice and energetic! This sounds like good fun!

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Junkie_XXX said...

Wow, this sounds great! I love the storyline.
River Deep sounds like he'd be my favorite.

At 8:52 PM, Blogger Assassin579 said...

Wow this sounds amazin cant wait to see it in full form!!

p.s. check me out at RvB my name is Assassin579

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous brian said...

this is going to be... awesome!!!


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