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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sleepless Nights

In LA there have been a lot of wildfires and what they call Santa Ana winds.

I've been on Vampire mode again, which means up until dawn and sleep until noonish.

We're at a critical junction in Kinzai Ninjas on the business side. Keeping the momentum moving forward and going into places that are out of my comfort zone.

Fishbone has been great. I'm really happy with what they're doing. We should be able to start working with their songs soon. Which will be very cool.

I'm making a lot of calls and sending a lot of emails, keeping old friends enthusiastic about the project and enlisting new people to come on board.

That's a huge part of what filmmaking actually is -- selling your vision and your enthusiasm for that vision to other people.

You guys have been great. Really helping me refocus my efforts and work on getting this stuff out there. I look at Jeskid and Burnie and the guys and I can't help but be inspired.


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