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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

So Douglas and I were writing again tonight and we pounded out another really good effort.

Our process is basically outlining a story together. We come up with a few key bits and jokes based on the characters and the overall story.

Once we have a solid page and a half of outline, Doug takes it and goes away and writes the episode's dialogue. We then get back together and read the whole thing outloud.

At this point the episode is very rough. There are some good jokes there, but it basically gives us something to work off of -- we both remember the outline we did together and then we tweak and coax the script so that it is tighter and more economical.

Tonight we took a sloppy 10 page script and made it into a tight 8 page script. About 40% of new or improved material was added and we made some deep cuts.

It's a good process too, because we both will fight for our ideas. We both feel strongly about something, we'll take the other's idea and try to incorporate it into our own until something and better is formed.

I have a great time during these sessions, because Doug is someone I trust. He knows what;s funny and how to communicate that to an audience.

Anywho, check this shit out.


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