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Saturday, October 08, 2005


There's an old joke about visiting my cousin.

The first question my mom will ask is, "Are they putting you to work?"

You can't stay here without pitching in. There's the story of a foreign
exchange student who on his first night was awoken at 2am to go the
orchard to cover the trees to protect them from the frost.

His parents called the next day and he told them that his host family
was making him work the fields.

This morning we husked walnuts and then went out to collect more. Each
walnut has a green fruit around it that has to be cut away or husked.
You use a curved knife and husk away.

To get the nuts off the tree I used a long pole with a hook and pulled
and shook the limbs and nuts until they fell off.

We worked for a few hours. Slow, methodical. Nice conversation.

Kent Nichols
Kinzai Ninjas


At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Thillbilli said...

Farm work can be fun work. The most I ever end up doing myself is stopping by to help my grandfather bail hay.

Once I had to be out on that wagon, in a field of minor hills and bumps, under a nice sun for fives hours setting up about three wagons of good bails (approx 340) and then there were still another 50 bad ones we had to deal with.

Good times though.

At 4:25 PM, Anonymous ashlan said...

i worked on a vineyard for a few years after high school - that kind of work is only mentally therapudic for a limited time frame:) 'Training' vines month after month has the ability to turn your brain to complete mush:)


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