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Sunday, October 16, 2005

New Kitty

The weird thing about pets is that they are replaceable. Interchangable cogs of the family. I guess people will have another child if they lose one, but it's never like getting a new guiney pig or dog.

My parents got a new kitten -- which I named Jinx (because I believe despite its cuteness it caused the Angels to lose the ALCS).

I didn't think they'd get a new cat to replace Roxy. The usual pattern of cat acquisition is my sister would get a kitten and then it would grow into a cat and she would move away leaving it in the care of my parents.

She doesn't live there anymore, so there wasn't any obvious pathway for a new cat to enter their house.

But somehow my dad found out about free kittens and the deal was done. They got her on Friday.

When I came into their family room I was confronted with what I thought was a crib bought from Petco or something, but in fact it was an upsidedown card table with Gladwrap wrapped around the legs. My sister improvised it while cat sitting over the weekend.

It's a good cat that sleeps a lot in your lap, is potty trained, and likes exploring the innerworkings of easy chairs.

It's a cool new addition.


At 12:30 AM, Anonymous Tim said...

That is an awesome cat.


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