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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Rebel Without A Crew

I've been rereading this great book recently. Well not actually rereading the whole thing -- I pick it up for five minutes at a time and read a few pages in a random spot in the book.

A few impressions -- yes he's right. Film school will be the creativity out of you and will stick you with a huge bill. The film industry does not reward education. They don't care if you have a Masters in Screenwriting from USC. They only care if you have a script, or if you can direct. That's it.

And he's also wrong. I mean Robert Rodriguez is one talented and lucky bastard. The chances that you are aas talented and lucky as he is are small -- very small. He was a guy that was making movies for 15 years before he got 'discovered'. You should do that too, and don't expect to make it big when you're 24 unless you have already done your homework.

But still the book works as a fantasy fulfillment for me. Here is a guy who gets all of the good shit his first time out. And he sort of stumbled into it. It's a great read and inspiring. He never come across as being a smarty pants or undeserving.

And secretly I hope that I'm as talented and lucky.


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