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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Live Blogging The JetBlue Crisis

Read on about this JutBLue Flight circling.

5:24 PM
So Colleen Williams and Paul Moyers are the old pros at this sort of vamping. Veterans of Earthquakes, car chases, and the Olympic bombing (NBC National switched to them because of their improvisational prowess).

They turn no information to their advantage.

Right now they've got Colleen's husband on the phone -- he's an airline pilot and is providing great conjecture and analysis.

5:31 PM
Paul Moyers has made the first overt reference comparing this situation to a movie.

5:33 PM
They don't foam the runways anymore! I was totally counting on that. WTF. It doesn't seem fair.

5:35 PM
NBC4 confirms that LAX will be handling the crash landing. There's a bit of disappointment from Paul and Colleen, they were pulling for Edwards AFB. I guess they said LAX has better fire crew.

5:38 PM
Ted Chen at Long Beach Airport. He's smiling but you can tell he's going to scream at his field producer for sending him to the wrong fucking airport. There's no way he's going to get bumped up to the big show when shit like this happens. He's talking to a fireguy from LBC. He's got his helmet on. And he's ready. For an airplane that won't land in his city.

5:42 PM
Blah, blah, blah. Ted and johnny fireplug throw it back to Paul and Coll. Paul asks about the buildings aroung the LBC airport. He wants to know if there will be any awesome things to crash into.

5:44 PM
Colleen announces that the plane will be down at 6PM. You can hear Paul's sphincter tingle. Paul used the term "Negative" when dismissing Ted "Wrong Airport" Chen.

5:46 PM
They are debating whether the pilot should turn off the satellite tv so they could watch the coverage of the crash or not. Colleen argues it's the opiate of the masses and will calm the sheep, whereas everyone else says it's insanity and will panick everyone.

5:49 PM
Fritz Coleman, the prince of weather chimes in -- the wind is from the west in going 13 MPH.

5:50 PM
Paul just asked if the pilot would be the one to be in control during the landing.

5:51 PM
I think Paul is a pilot. He's loving throwing out lingo and acronyms with little or no definitions. You can tell the expert pilots or sorta humoring him.

5:53 PM
The News Chopper 4 Pilot reassures the viewers (and his boss) that he'll be in position to get a great shot.

5:54 PM
I was right. Paul just admitted he's an instrument rated pilot and made an attempt to explain an instrument.

5:56 PM
Paul get's a little flustered when he hears children playing in the background of one their phone experts.

6:00 PM
Colleen Williams kids are still uppidity in the background. Paul is peeved that the plane isn't down yet. They said 6! 6!

6:02 PM
They brought in Dr. Bruce -- the smarmy TV doctor that reports on health issues. He's talking about the local hospitals, and about stress. He just said the biggest danger is a fiery death. Thanks doc.

6:05 PM
Okay, this is just sad. The 6 o'clock anchors are trying to squeeze into the broadcast. Chuck Henry and his cohort were reduced to holding up a xeroxed map and then the woman -- who wasn't supposed to talk at all began flying a huge not to scale model of an airbus in front of the map. Paul shut them up and moved onto Patrick Heally on the phone at LAX.

6:08 PM
Patrick doesn't have a camera, but you can hear a certain smugness in his voice -- take that Ted Chen.

6:09 PM
Cut to Laurel Erikson. She's describing the anxiety and nerves of the neighbor of LAX. The camera pans and show happy kids and moms smiling and waving at the camera.

6:11 PM
Chopper pilot says the plane is on approach and ten minutes out. Paul says LA Mayor Villaragosa has been at the airport since 5:30 PM.

6:15 PM
The Chopper pilot said that he didn't know if he'd be in place. Paul yelled at him. Paul is checking in with the other crews to see if they have shots. The seem to.

6:22 PM
It's down and safe.


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