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Monday, September 19, 2005

The Cycle

Over at two of my friends, Dark Fae and Pixie Squared had serious accidents. Dark a fatal car accident, she died this morning. And Pixie got injured during the recovery effort in NOLA. She's an EMT and the just placed her in a medically induced coma.

Both young, talented and beautiful.

In this modern age of medicine where we can cure things that were beyond hope 50 years ago, it seems unfair for anyone to die so young.

I came back from a pleasant weekend to that sad news.

But on that weekend my baby cousin was born.

I held this 7lbs. of new life in my gigantic man paws and I just stared at it.

I looked at his eye boogers, and odd pattern of pores on his nose. I wondered if they made Bioré nose strips that small.

He smiled at me as he slept with his head engulfed in my palm.

It was the first time I had held a newborn. His grandmother says he's a ringer for Winston Churchill, I agree.

There is always new life coming into this world. It doesn't replace what was lost, but it's enough to give us hope.


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