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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Magnificent Seven

Watching this movie right now. It's a classic and all, but it's a little ruined because it's so based on Seven Samurai that I can't help but see the similarities. And also because Three Amigos is too close a parody. Also Elmer Bernstein who wrote the score also wrote the Three Amigos score, and I like the Amigos score better.

So right now, the movie is playing and I'm visiting my folks. All of us are napping and zoning in and out of the flick. Oh the exciting life of a indie filmmaker.

I did some great research today and last night. My sister through a birthday party for her BF and there was a lot of great people and conversation. We played a lot of Marry, Fuck, Kill. Where your friend names three people and you decide who to marry, fuck, and kill. Good times.

Went to the mall and it was really crowded. became clued into the Brand Hollister. Also Volcom. Actually the Volcom thing happended at the party. A guy had a Volcom t-Shirt. And I asked him in front of everyone, "what's Volcom?"

Everyone just stopped and stared at me. I never heard or saw that brand before, but everyone in the room was intimately familiar. It was shocking, and cool, and embarrassing, and great.

I also kicked around my high school and poked around this arts and craft fair they were having.


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