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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Karate Kid

This was a huge movie of my childhood.

I wanted to do the crane technique. I wanted to wax on, wax off. I wanted to balance on a row boat.

Watching it now all I see is a movie about class.

The scrappy LaRussos moving to California from New Jersey.

The wealthy WASP Cobra Kais dressed in their homoerotic skeleton costumes.

Miniture golf as the common ground.

The movie touches on the Japanese internment, the insensitivity of the rich, and the painstaking work of killing flies using only chopsticks.

It's nice when a childhood gem holds up to adult scrutiny. I still want to learn karate after watching it. I still want a girl like Elizabeth Shue. I want a master like Mr. Miyagi.

And let me just say that Pat Morita had great comic chops. So many well delivered lines.


At 12:49 PM, Blogger Marcel said...

Yeah I agree this movie does hold up, I watched it less than a month ago and still loved it. Speaking of Elizabeth Shue, go rewatch the adventures in babysitting, it was in my last RVB movie contest in my image gallery, I forgot about her um..scene. Another great one to rewatch. I have been revisiting a lot of movies lately, mainly cause the wife has never seen them as she is 5 years my junior.
Cloak and Dagger
War Games
My Science Project
Wierd Science
The Last Starfighter
OK all the John Huges Films
The Dark Crystal
Better off Dead
Ice pirates
Red Dawn
Remo Williams
Buckaroo Banzai
Real Genius
The secret of nihm
Escape to Witch Mt. & return
The list is still going, but that is thus far.
She has a lot to watch!


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