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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Road House

Continuing on my tour of influential movies of my childhood.

Road House. Thank god for Road House.

Patrick Swayze and his glamour mullet invade small town America in this 1989 classic.

This was made when R movies were industrial strength -- tits everywhere, fighting, and lines like, "I fucked guys like you in prison." (Which I had to rewind to make sure Swayze didn't say himself).

Basically, a solid story about a man cleaning up a bar with his inhuman ability to rip out a dude's larynx. This is referenced early in the film as sort of a tall tale about his character Dalton, but later in the film -- after the guy with the frizzy mullet and vest utters the classy prison line, Dalton does in fact kill him by ripping out his throat.

Kick Ass.

This film is also special for me in the fact it defined standing up against a wall copulation as "Road Housing". As in, "Dude, at the party we started making out and I totally Road Housed her."

That scene did not disappoint.

Going into this revisit, I had vague recollections about a struggle outside the bar with another bar owner something.

This turned out to be what the whole film is really about. Jackie Treehorn basically plays the same role in this film, but meaner and much more ruthless. He has his own mulleted army and doesn't like that someone is in town to clean things up. He struggles with Dalton through out, but eventually meets a very, very bloody and graphic end that almost makes you not like Dalton at all anymore.

Dalton basically murders the entire mulleted army and then reaches back to pull out Treehorn's throat, but stops. The rest of the town, tired of being oppressed by Jackie, has a round robin shoot out aimed at Jackie's chest.

The bar goes on to thrive and Dalton goes skinny dipping at the crick with his tall blond doctor friend.

Check it out, if only for Sam Elliot, who calls everyone Mijo, Bigfoot the truck, and the requisite car stomping, and the Testarosa cameo in the first shot.

Oh and of course, the mullets.


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