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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Wizard Con

I went to Wizard Con at the Long Beach Convention center. First sort of comic book convention I've been too. It was funny all the different type of people and the stuff you can buy.

Seth Green was wandering around the floor with the big guy from ER. He's Christina Ricci tiny.

Other impressions. There are two distinct sections at the back, signings, and autographs. The signings are for Comic celebrities, like Stan Lee, and the autographs area is for the celebrities that time forgot. Kate Jackson timidly eating a salad while her kids play in the booth. The guy who wore a hockey mask in Road Warrior. Daisy Duke.

Every few minutes there is a public address announcement directing the attendees to new signings and events. It was like Star Tours.

There were a lot of lines waiting for things and people I didn't know about.

There was a hot chick dressed as an Empire Admiral from Star Wars. I don't know if I was attracted to her, or the costume, or both.


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