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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rudy (1993) & Babe (1995)

Fucking Rudy.

Made me cry like a little bitch. Seriously.

And last night and this morning I ended up watching Babe. I misted up there to.

Now I'm not some weepy douche that gets worked up over most films, but something about these two -- and they are basically the same film. Runts who get no respect, the establishment laughs at them and says there's no way in hell.

But they do it. They over come, they triumph, they herd the sheep and run through the tunnel.

I would say Babe is a better film overall. The cinematography, the story mechanics, the performances all top notch.

I cried bigger tears at the end of Rudy, but I feel it's more of a contrived film. Too slick and engineered for the man tears.


At 10:20 PM, Anonymous ToolPackinMama said...

Thank you for your candor


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